29 July 2009

somewhere in philippians

another restless night forced me to jump out of bed and forget that i needed that sleep to function right now. maybe working instead of blogging. novel thought. this has become exciting to me. at least it is today. this summer has been QUITE THE THRILL. i'm learning about praise and contentment. so it's good for me.

i've been 22 for one month and ten days now and there is a lot more to be happy with than just celebrating six leap years or blowing out 252 candles. yes, i did just calculate that. thank god for supportive friends, used books, empathy, live music, fresh produce, cleanliness, smiles, my old bike, garage sales, regret, risks, lessons, my down comforter, insurance, vodka tonics, political differences, harvest vineyard, power adaptors, and the ability to decide that all these things are worth being thankful for.

the painting above is the start of something i'm doing for my church. no worries, it's not going to look like that at all. i'll keep you posted.

28 July 2009

ada hayden, ames

there is a reason they call her "rachel soe fine"...my beautiful roomie served as my muse for this little shoot a couple days ago. after we went on a walk at ada hayden i knew the next time i returned i would have a camera in hand and there would be a sun in the sky. thanks for helping me out, rachel. click here to check out the blog i used to age the photos.

03 July 2009

assuming success

I just had a wonderful epiphany about a week back. It was absolutely fabulous. I would love to take credit for one of the best combinations of these six letters in the alphabet:

A S S U M E S U C C E S S .

I realized how it could just possibly help me in setting up appointments, running, cutting my bangs, talking to business owners, enjoying new rum drinks, and expecting the most out of my day. You will get what you expect. Fact.