31 August 2009

no worries gang:: there will be updates soon.

life is good.

24 August 2009

goodbye north america!

well...here it is. i leave for chicago tomorrow morning and in 48 hours i will be walking the streets of dublin. this is undoubtedly the biggest hop i've ever taken. i love love love traveling, but there are so many unknowns. will i find my way around? will the europeans scoff at me? could i pull off a legit irish accent after a week? will the pasta in italy be as good as i expect? is it THAT bad that i don't exactly speak the language? will my wisdom teeth behave? should i bring my old navy fourth-of-july flag tee with the puppy on it holding a flag in his mouth? fun fact: i do not own a fourth-of-july flag tee with the puppy on it holding a flag in his mouth. but what if??

i want to walk a lot when i'm there. i want to cease opportunities i wouldn't have in the states. i want to be a savvy shopper. i want to pray a lot more. i want to see the pope in a coffee shop and be like, "hey...are you the pope?? i feel like you look familiar...." then i would say the sunglasses didn't disguise him well. he should really take off the hat if he doesn't want people spotting him like that. he's just a normal guy too, right?

enough writing. more packing.

miss you all already!

21 August 2009

incase you are an avid reader (haha), you would have noticed a while back, that i started a painting for my church. i said something like, "don't worry, it won't look anything like this". well here it is! donezo!

16 August 2009

mish ewe!

leaving in nine days. cool!

going to miss all of you ::

01. the great white. [that would be my car].
02. summer. not the season, my bike.
03. mexicans and mexican food.
04. "biking" with rachel.
05. summer. not my bike, the season. and not THIS season, but summer in general. it's end is nearing :(
06. 'merican pride. no thanksgiving...
07. trashy tabloids.
08. tar-ghettos and mall-marts.
09. drinking cheap water.
10. olde main beer.
11. text-capades [not really].
12. ma, pa, ry, brock-o, and laurel-ly.
13. to be continued...

that is part of a picture drew for me a few years ago. she's 13 now and she's the best.