27 April 2011

A Japanese Rut

How easy it is to forget about such tragedies when we live half a world away. Let's be aware and do something about it. This is easy: go donate some dough to help the cause. Email me at rcm619@gmail.com, and I will draw a picture and email it to you. I'll probably post it so I don't have to double time drawing— GROSS [sarcasm]. I'll draw you. Or you with Ke$ha. Or what I think you look like. Or what I want you to look like...

Q: Why would you want a picture drawn by Becky?
A: Because it's cool-ish.

21 April 2011

I want Anne Lamott to be my best friend

She's the best. Best writer. Best funny person. Best life-learner. Get off this interweb and go read one of her books.

A couple of lines from Traveling Mercies: 
[more to come!]

"The babies rolling around in the sand looked like breaded cuts of veal."

"The thoughts I was thinking were so bad that it would have made Jesus want to drink gin straight out of the cat dish."

19 April 2011

Hey! It's another post about Jesus:

Please please excuse the piss poor grid structure. This almost didn't make the cut, but I think the point is worth noting.

17 April 2011

new new new

A new page, new golf hole, new morning, new ridiculous ska band (i.e. Texas Skankska Massacre), new cricket season, or new project are all full of so much hope + potential. None of them have happened before, so we mustn't limit ourselves to our past. Also, HAPPY PALM SUNDAY! If you wear that jersey, then we have much to celebrate this week.

11 April 2011

Making Ideas Happen

After reading Making Ideas Happen, one of the lessons I took from it is that having a creative mind isn't good enough. A lot of people are creative. 100 x 0 is still 0. It takes persistence, confidence, good judgement and tenacity to follow through with an idea. It's a pretty good book for creative types and those in leadership positions. It's one of those that could be summed up in a few paragraphs, but it's good to hear all the examples and tactics used by others.

08 April 2011

Matthew McConaughey vs. Archer (the font)

I drove to Austin last night to see Aaron Draplin speak. Of all the inspiring things I thought about on my drive home, this is one that seemed the best to hash out over my lunch break. Neither Matthew McConaughey nor (or should it be "or"??) Archer were mentioned. He DID talk about Futura Bold. Obviously.

07 April 2011

this. time. is. short.

Side Note to Readers: 
Yes, yes. We all know that our time alive is limited and short blah blah. Some think about it more than others. Since moving to Texas, I've had a hard time breathing. No idea why. It's just weird. Nothing too fuss about, but it was that feeling of why-can't-I-ever-catch-this-effing-breath-that-I-so-effing-deserve. Long gasps for air. Doctor didn't know what was wrong. I just had to deal with it. Again, not the worst thing in the world; genocide, hate crimes, and broken hearts are all worse indeed.

Several weeks ago I was about to begin sobbing out of frustration of the whole matter (almost doesn't count, but it almost does). I says, "God! I just want to breath! Please help me to breath." And then, moments later I breathed the most refreshing and biggest breath of air. It was wonderful. Then I said, "God — thank you for this breath." It's been great since. Just giving credit where credit is due.

05 April 2011

All tuckered out.

This was comprised during my travels home from Iowa last weekend. Why does travel wear on me so much? It's the laziest I can possibly be: I wear leggings all day while I curl up like a cat and either sleep on the plane or talk my fellow traveler's ears off. Then I have the nerve to eat copious amounts of ice cream and other such delicacies that I justify only because "I only fly every so often". I don't even have to walk like a normal person because the ground levitates me to my terminal before my metabolism (or what's left of it) has a chance to catch up. Ay yay yay.