10 November 2009


watch this Berlin vid! compliments of Karen Mechler

watch this recap if Ireland vid too! (also, compliments of miss karen)

berlin, my love.


Hello hello.

It's been a while since we've last spoke. I don't know about you, but I've been busy the last two weeks.

After the lovely weekend with Kevin and Lindsey, I "had to" fly out to Frankfurt in the early AM on Halloween. Our flight to Berlin left that night so we got to hang in Frankfurt at the airport all day! We chose to think of it as a few girls hanging at a coffee shop doing some homework and getting in some quality chit chat.

So we get to Berlin, and Henning (an old friend from high school) and his friend Noah picked us up at the airport. The mayham began there. We got donors (mmm) then went to Noah's for some Beck's beer and and a German fiesta. It was lovely meeting all their friends. We went to a club and stayed out until the early hours. I don't know how we did it. Yes I do- beer and techno music. Sleeping in Sunday helped a lot too.

Noah was such a great host- he bought bread and tons 'o jams and spreads for us. It was the best German breakfast we could have asked for! We went to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp later that day; it was a moving experience to say the least. I can't believe that I walked the same ground as the thousands who suffered there. I never thought I'd see the badges, uniforms, or old photo albums up close. This stuff is real. I would highly recommend going to one of theses if an opportunity ever presents iteslf.

That night we went out for MEXICAN. #1 missed food: Mexican. The vegetarian enchilada and draft beer was enough to shut me up for a while. We walked all around finding that restaurant but it was so nice seeing the city at night. The architecture is absolutely fantastic. The Sony Center was great, so was "magic land". The downtown was so illuminated. It was beautiful. And cold.

Poor Henning and Noah had to go to classes on Monday, but not us crazy girls! We went to the Tiergarten, Brandenberg Gate, Berlin Wall, Bauhaus Museum, and Holocaust Monument on our last day. I can't describe how much fun we all had. We were freezing and wet but this was one of the biggest highlights of the semester.

Oh, one last thing. I thought it would be smart to just spend the night at the airport on Monday for our flight to Rome. The roomies decided that it would never work once we were so well accustomed to the airport on the way in. We ended up getting a double B&B for the night. Five girls in one bed sounds like quite the thrill. It was.

Then I woke up sick as a rat. TO BE CONTINUED.....