28 January 2011

27 January 2011

waxed brows

Since I'm a bit of a late bloomer, I got my brows waxed for the first time last week. I didn't realize I should have done it on my last stop of my errands. I had to get makeup for Katie's wedding, so I looked like a big dingus to the experts at M•A•C.

26 January 2011

Katie's face

Everyone should fancy themselves to drawing a portrait of a friend without looking at the paper. Old news if you've graduated from elementary school, but go ahead and give it another shot. 

25 January 2011

Soon! I promise!

Can't find my Moleskine! It will turn up soon and posts will be just around the corner. Thank you for your patience. Let's hope I didn't leave it on my flight Sunday...yeeeesh...

19 January 2011


On the nights that I have three Mexican martinis (i.e. this one), I am oh so thankful that I powered through days like Monday. Except I didn't. I just bitched about it. [see above]

11 January 2011


When Hannah was in town, she introduced me to a few new television programs, including A&E's Intervention.

The very same week Han and Julie had a little "intervention" with me regarding my tendency to over analyze. How right they are! I was going to text Julie the next day to thank her for the intervention, but I thought she would think I was over analyzing the whole thing so I didn't. Then I thought that if I don't send the text because of the fear of her thinking I was over thinking, I was over analyzing even more. Sometimes you just can't win.

09 January 2011

She said...MAYBE!

Nah, I'm just kidding...but...2011 has SO. MANY. WEDDINGS. When I was a little tyke I always wondered why no one ever said "maybe" to a proposal. I get it now.

This post goes out to all my bros who are brave enough to take the plunge. I imagine it is the scariest question you've ever had to ask until this point in your lives. Nice work. I salute you, Mr. Fancy Ring-in-a-Box-Down-on-One-Knee-er.

04 January 2011

...People I do Not Know | 003: Dawn Keith

Dawn in a nutshell: She's just getting to that age where she sees the practicality of Christmas sweaters. She's quiet and compliant but don't you dare step on her toes. She hopes she's related to Toby Keith, but she really doesn't want to know. The only good thing about not knowing is that she can still dream about jumping into his arms after a long day of work at the DOT. She's from North Texas, hence the new nickname her friends in Louisville gave her. Oh, and she's terrified of deer, whales and Michael Jackson.

03 January 2011

A Fankle

On New Year's Eve Iowa gave me a swift kick in the behind by placing a patch of ice under my feet. Now I have a fat ankle for going on three days now. Will it ever diminish to its original size? Who is going to want a girl with a cankle?