03 January 2012


Hello friends! You may have noticed that I haven't exactly been updated this in a while. You can head over to my new blog, Chipper Things, and see all of these illustrations and much much more. Join the new party — I promise it's way better.

07 September 2011


Hey friends!
Pish Posh is undergoing some major changes. I really should have kept you informed on this a while back...but here I am...a month later finally informing. There is going to be a new site + total makeover! Check back soon for more eye glucose.

(get it??!! I said glucose instead of candy!!!!)

27 July 2011

I swear I'll stop post about being posted soon

I have been so busy the last couple of weeks. It feels gross getting out of the drawing routine, so I'll be back on my A-game soon. Thankfully, I was featured on a couple of blogs this week so I can show you my recent street cred:

The cool girls at Half Orange Photography decided to feature me on their 'We Heart it Wednesdays'. They are so sweet and I'm just tickled to be in the likes of such great talent. Check. Them. Out.

Also— Ritzy Bee! What rad gals for plugging the beckeroo on their site and their pinterest. Good week.

20 July 2011

I'm on Poppytalk Handmade!

If you don't do Poppytalk then you need to start. I'm on their handmade market this month. Woot woot! Chipper Things is making its way into the world. Check it: http://poppytalkhandmade.com/table5

Get your shop on! Check out Becky Murphy / Chipper Things on Etsy!

I know I know I've been MIA...

Howdy readers (or shall I say REIDers...),
I apologize for not being around. I know how it feels when you need something in your life and you can't have it. In your case it may be Pish Posh and in mine it might be sweet corn. I've been a busy bumblebee getting a lil thang together that I'd like to call Chipper Things on Etsy. I'm about to post a slew of photos. Check them out. Check the store out. Tell your friends. Tell your mother. 


02 July 2011


Oh hey, Reid. Thanks for being so kind to humanity...particularity that bunch out in Joplin. For those of you who don't know Reid, he is a Grade-A BA. His benevolence reaches beyond the inner-city kids he teaches in San Antonio with a donation to World Vision for the recent-ish tornado victims. For that, you just got yourself a pish-post, Mr. Agan.

**Things to consider: the cape is invisible (sans the cape tie you see around the neck.)
Yes, I forgot to draw the cape.

20 June 2011

Thanks for all your birthday wishes!

I have the best family and friends. I am so grateful I made it another year to share with all of you. You're the best.

yes, YOU.


Sarah is better than leftover pizza, unmarked sale items, snow days, wood burning pens, Father's Day cookie cakes, Liz Lemon quotes, Zach Morris (college years), daylight savings time, pictures of people taking pictures, good puns, bad puns, podcast Mondays and Flava Flav's chicken joint in Iowa. She is going to be a starchitect so she has to be at Tulane for the time being. We miss you, Sat. Come back soon. Thanks.

modest is hottest.

this is for my ma. it's her birthday in three days.

oh hey, squiggles.

17 June 2011

07 June 2011

Look! I actually did something with one of these here drawings!

The legendary Hannah Varn of Minneapolis had her senior art exhibition a month or so ago. The show was entitled, I'm Really Sorry. I couldn't make the show but I did make the card.

06 June 2011

ERICA: The defender of mankind.

I'm such a drangus. I can't believe I forgot to post this earlier. Our friend, Erica out of sexy California, stepped up to the plate when I posted this. Because she gave, I gave her a silly portrait of herself based off of her photo on her blog. Thanks for your participation, Erica. You are a model citizen and a grade-A B.A.

For everyone else: it is not too late to give to the relief of some of the recent disasters. Just because they seem distant, doesn't mean those quakes and tornadoes aren't any less catastrophic. There is plenty of room for all of us to help a little to a lot more. Check out World Vision , Convoy of Hope, or the Red Cross to see how you can give. Then I'll draw you a picture. Because I like to draw pictures.

02 June 2011

too many allergens.

Pal Tiffany recently found out she is allergic to gluten, soy, and dairy. That must really be the worst. 

01 June 2011

It's really not that bad.

***note: this dingus cost me 75 bones to get that radio fixed that he broke by hooking this up wrong. of course i'm grateful for this stranger's help, but if he didn't know what he was doing, HE SHOULD HAVE SAID SO.

28 May 2011


Coupla things:
1. Between pure and utter laziness + Iowa vaca, I haven't posted in a while. I know. I know.
2. No, this isn't a pity party (kind of). I KNOW THAT OTHERS HAVE GONE THROUGH THE SAME DILEMA— you take a while to send back the wedding rspv...just incase...you think...of...someone to take...maybe....wait...nope.

07 May 2011

Katie + Tye Recipe Book

This was all Julie's brainchild. I just did the cover. Hanging with Sarah while drinking Kenyan chai and doodling = perfect Wednesday night.

27 April 2011

A Japanese Rut

How easy it is to forget about such tragedies when we live half a world away. Let's be aware and do something about it. This is easy: go donate some dough to help the cause. Email me at rcm619@gmail.com, and I will draw a picture and email it to you. I'll probably post it so I don't have to double time drawing— GROSS [sarcasm]. I'll draw you. Or you with Ke$ha. Or what I think you look like. Or what I want you to look like...

Q: Why would you want a picture drawn by Becky?
A: Because it's cool-ish.

21 April 2011

I want Anne Lamott to be my best friend

She's the best. Best writer. Best funny person. Best life-learner. Get off this interweb and go read one of her books.

A couple of lines from Traveling Mercies: 
[more to come!]

"The babies rolling around in the sand looked like breaded cuts of veal."

"The thoughts I was thinking were so bad that it would have made Jesus want to drink gin straight out of the cat dish."

19 April 2011

Hey! It's another post about Jesus:

Please please excuse the piss poor grid structure. This almost didn't make the cut, but I think the point is worth noting.

17 April 2011

new new new

A new page, new golf hole, new morning, new ridiculous ska band (i.e. Texas Skankska Massacre), new cricket season, or new project are all full of so much hope + potential. None of them have happened before, so we mustn't limit ourselves to our past. Also, HAPPY PALM SUNDAY! If you wear that jersey, then we have much to celebrate this week.

11 April 2011

Making Ideas Happen

After reading Making Ideas Happen, one of the lessons I took from it is that having a creative mind isn't good enough. A lot of people are creative. 100 x 0 is still 0. It takes persistence, confidence, good judgement and tenacity to follow through with an idea. It's a pretty good book for creative types and those in leadership positions. It's one of those that could be summed up in a few paragraphs, but it's good to hear all the examples and tactics used by others.

08 April 2011

Matthew McConaughey vs. Archer (the font)

I drove to Austin last night to see Aaron Draplin speak. Of all the inspiring things I thought about on my drive home, this is one that seemed the best to hash out over my lunch break. Neither Matthew McConaughey nor (or should it be "or"??) Archer were mentioned. He DID talk about Futura Bold. Obviously.

07 April 2011

this. time. is. short.

Side Note to Readers: 
Yes, yes. We all know that our time alive is limited and short blah blah. Some think about it more than others. Since moving to Texas, I've had a hard time breathing. No idea why. It's just weird. Nothing too fuss about, but it was that feeling of why-can't-I-ever-catch-this-effing-breath-that-I-so-effing-deserve. Long gasps for air. Doctor didn't know what was wrong. I just had to deal with it. Again, not the worst thing in the world; genocide, hate crimes, and broken hearts are all worse indeed.

Several weeks ago I was about to begin sobbing out of frustration of the whole matter (almost doesn't count, but it almost does). I says, "God! I just want to breath! Please help me to breath." And then, moments later I breathed the most refreshing and biggest breath of air. It was wonderful. Then I said, "God — thank you for this breath." It's been great since. Just giving credit where credit is due.

05 April 2011

All tuckered out.

This was comprised during my travels home from Iowa last weekend. Why does travel wear on me so much? It's the laziest I can possibly be: I wear leggings all day while I curl up like a cat and either sleep on the plane or talk my fellow traveler's ears off. Then I have the nerve to eat copious amounts of ice cream and other such delicacies that I justify only because "I only fly every so often". I don't even have to walk like a normal person because the ground levitates me to my terminal before my metabolism (or what's left of it) has a chance to catch up. Ay yay yay.

01 March 2011


Hey this is funny and ironic: I originally spelled inadequate wrong in the drawing. I promise that I don't touch up my drawings in Photoshop...unless it is an embarrassing type-o...