30 November 2010

She loves Tejas

Alicia came to visit me in Waco last week. We had a great time hitting up the local eateries and hanging out with new friends. We made our way to the glorious Austin to polish off the week by celebrating Thanksgiving with a family that neither of us belong to. A good time was had by all. Now all you Iowans, don't let Alicia hog all the fun [Iowa pun]. Make your way down south and you will be rewarded with some fried food and a sunburn (if you're lucky). 

26 November 2010


Someone told me that I am probably a catch because I have a clean room and trendy decor.

QUESTION: am I still a catch if I write about it in my diary and then blog about it later?

25 November 2010

I'm thankful for eavesdropping (and probably you, of course)

In my defense: 1) I was there first. 2) It was a very small coffee shop. 3) I actually WAS waiting for my friends to get out of the Harry Potter movie and did wait longer than anticipated...

23 November 2010

Girls will be Girls

I was at Common Grounds the other day trying to read a book, but these girls came in just squealing because they must not have seen each other in a while. Then I was happy because MY favorite person would soon be visiting and we may cause a scene like they did.

19 November 2010

Tax Return?

Five pounds is not that much, but it sure was enough to make a point of drawing it [see the saggy left arm]. Unfortunately, my day of gluttony did not end well. I felt sick the day after. Huh. "Woe is me," as the whales say.

18 November 2010

17 November 2010

Christmas list

V5 pens? Moleskine notebooks? Gas money for the Texas to Iowa excursion? 35 mm film? Best Buy gift cards? Design books? Fancy adult beverages? Nobody needs these things. But if someone did, it would be ME.

16 November 2010

Typical Sunday

This does seem to happen quite a bit, the good news is: sleep, church, El Charro Mexican, reading, El Charro leftovers, napping, blog reading [BY THE WAY: Sunday was the last day of Kitsune Noir being called Kitsune Noir. It shall now be called The Fox is Black. CRAZY DAY!] Anyway, those are all GREAT things. Thank you, Sunday.

15 November 2010

Woe is me, says the whale

According to Gawker, whales too can get sunburned. Infact, those on the Mexican coast are. One scientist states: "Humans can put on clothes or sunglasses - whales can't." 

Brie Nickels put it best: "Sick burn on whales. Literally."  She hates them, so this is all good news to her, I'm sure.

11 November 2010

On Marriage

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. As a recent college grad, I should have known wedding season would be upon me before I knew it. And it is. So happy for all of you! Sister-in-law-to-be + cousins. Can't wait to break it down to some oldies with the folks on the dance floor.

book sale!

Waco is the coolest! I paid five bucks to get in early, and I got the 12 books listed above for just $18! I'm starting with Catch 22. I found a book on on Aubrey Beardsley, some nice type, and several other good reads to keep the brain juices flowing this fall.


For those of you who do not know, "Robbie" is the name of my tummy. Robbie goes on play dates with friends (usually Mexican cuisine or other such dinner parties). Lately, Robbie has been discontent with my apathy toward him, so he's been a little hoodlum inside the old tum tum.

Shop less. Give more.


L is for Lucky Laurel

09 November 2010

True story:

I swear to you that the crickets in Texas are 3x bigger.

I'm sure he exists somewhere.

All I want to do is play. I wanna go to the lake & read.

I'd rather be short.

feels like death


Halloween de Waco

First Halloween in Tejas! I didn't want to have the little snafu Cady did in Mean Girls, so I played it safe and went all 80's up in dat party. Julie brought back the Roxy midriff and butterfly clips circa 2000 (A.D.) Though I do not partake in the Harry Potter series, Anna's wizard costume thing featuring argyle socks sure does make me want to buy more argyle socks.

pop'stachtic mustache and music fancy

Rad new music hub. Launched yesterday. check it: http://popstache.com/
This is only the beginning of an arsenal for music updates, reviews, photos, and samplers. I don't have the time to stay current, so I'm glad Andy and gang are willing to do it FOR ME. You're the best, Pop'stache!

GREAT JOB ON THE SITE, ANDY! I hope you can finally get some sleep and rest those weary hands from all the high fives you should be getting.


Wow. I really haven't grown up since I was 18. Five years later my favorite things to draw are still monsters and awkward everything.