16 August 2009

mish ewe!

leaving in nine days. cool!

going to miss all of you ::

01. the great white. [that would be my car].
02. summer. not the season, my bike.
03. mexicans and mexican food.
04. "biking" with rachel.
05. summer. not my bike, the season. and not THIS season, but summer in general. it's end is nearing :(
06. 'merican pride. no thanksgiving...
07. trashy tabloids.
08. tar-ghettos and mall-marts.
09. drinking cheap water.
10. olde main beer.
11. text-capades [not really].
12. ma, pa, ry, brock-o, and laurel-ly.
13. to be continued...

that is part of a picture drew for me a few years ago. she's 13 now and she's the best.

1 comment:

  1. aw, man. I'm not sure if I want to think about all the stuff that I'm going to miss yet...

    but yes, those books were rubber band style, only I just tied embroidery thread around it instead of actually using a rubber band. Same concept, though.