06 June 2011

ERICA: The defender of mankind.

I'm such a drangus. I can't believe I forgot to post this earlier. Our friend, Erica out of sexy California, stepped up to the plate when I posted this. Because she gave, I gave her a silly portrait of herself based off of her photo on her blog. Thanks for your participation, Erica. You are a model citizen and a grade-A B.A.

For everyone else: it is not too late to give to the relief of some of the recent disasters. Just because they seem distant, doesn't mean those quakes and tornadoes aren't any less catastrophic. There is plenty of room for all of us to help a little to a lot more. Check out World Vision , Convoy of Hope, or the Red Cross to see how you can give. Then I'll draw you a picture. Because I like to draw pictures.


  1. Thanks!! Helping out is good times and a personal pictures is the best. One great way to help is through my friend Rachel:


    She's actually buying items that are needed in Alabama and driving them directly to people who need them. Pretty cool if you ask me. She's also making sure to use coupons for everything so she's really stretching each charity dollar. It's nice to know that you're directly helping a family in need.

    Happy Summer!

  2. Also PS - love my profile pic? I do!

  3. haha that is great! checking out her website right now!