23 October 2009

happy friday

snapshot of the week:

1. 4 day weekends. still. this may be news to some of you, but being a full time student out here in roma, i've been blessed with the luxurious life of classes on wednesday, thursday, and friday. this makes it easy to plan trips, or do absolutely nothing at all.

2. i could do absolutely nothing at all, but being a design student, i am actually always working on homework. it's actually quite pathetic.

3. since we had the loss of one of our art history professors, that class was canceled this week (supposed to be vatican visit). my gal pals and i made use of that thursday morning time and hit a museum to see the futurismo dada exhibit. though i am surrounded by timeless classical art living in rome, i haven't felt as inspired as i did here. seeing the doodles straight from the sketchbook of Duchamp or Paul Klee was thrilling. of course, the infamous "fountain" was present (Duchamp's toilet he simply signed, "R. Mutt. 1917". caused a ruckus in the art world).

4. i got bangs! i don't have photos yet, plus i feel silly posting photos of myself. however, i am trying to get over that. i should probably have a few pictures of myself over here. how will my grandchildren believe i too once wore a bikini?

5. kevin and lindsey are visiting! they should be contacting me in less than two hours! i. can't. wait. i have been looking forward to this day ever since lindsey told me she bought the flight tickets. those two crazy kangaroos will be here until monday when they will depart for florence and the rest of their italian tour. i just hope they enjoy their time in my neck of the woods. It will be just like high school cheerleading again! kind of!

6. i made homemade noodles. big deal, you say. i know. i just wanted something else to put on this list.

7. weather is almost as menopausal here as it is in iowa. we think it's going to be cold and rainy- and then- my neck starts to sweat from the beating rays that follow the rain. that secret weapon you just can't be mad at- the sun. rainy-sunny-cloudy-colder than the arctic-sunny-warm-just kidding it's freezing again. i can't complain. it's beautiful and it's still not that cold. IF i was going to complain, i would complain about the fact that it's illegal to turn heaters on until mid november. but i'm above that.

8. inglorious bastards. grrreat film. i would recommend it to anyone who hasn't had the viewing pleasure just yet. funny. gruesome (ish) but somehow tasteful. i loved it and i only understood a third of it. between it being filmed in english, german, french, italian, and the italian subtitles the whole time, it was nice when brad pit was in a scene, to say the least. "arreeevaderci."

9. new sweatshirt + new boots. did i mention purple is THE color of the year /probably decade over here?  the bug bit me and i finally found a black hoodie with my mom's favorited color plaided all over it. nothing more cozy than a hood up and some yoga pants after a long day.

10. i had to do ten, well, because it seemed right. since i can't think of anything else from this week, i should mention that i saw the pope a weekend or two ago-heeeyo! we were going to get some drinks after he said the rosary, but then he remembered he was going to hang with some bishops and cardinals. i let them have a boys night and told him i'd see him again. which i am. sunday i got the three of us (kevin and lindsey) some golden tickets to the papal mass at st. peters.

TO BE CONTINUED: what the pope has to say about this purple trend, adventures with kevin and zindzey, and what i do with the mystery vegetable i bought- how i will cook it, that is. i'll give you one clue: it's lumpy and fully of starch.

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