29 October 2009


that whole mystery veggie thing is going to have to wait, as i have not made it yet. moving on:

kevin and lindsey's stay was wonderful. they were enthralled by the cheese and wine from the start. in only two days, we managed to hit campo di fiore, the vatican, piazza navona, my studio / jewish ghetto, pantheon, capitoline hill, venetian palace, and back to the vatican for a last minute tour.

we sprinted to the museum, since we heard they closed at four. "run like rabbits" they told us. they didn't think we'd make it. ha! its pays to jet past an english speaking tour guide...who just so happened to give us a great tour.

sunday morning we hit mass at st. peters led by...you guessed it- the pope himself. what an adorable man. after the mass, we somehow managed to make the porta portese flea market. i was certainly with the right crew: deal-dinosaur [kevin] and price-penguin llindsey] raised hell as they bought a pipe and some coral. it was a great learning experience for bargain-bear [becky]. those two aren't amateurs anymore; they've moved up to estate sales and auctions. a flea market must be a joke to these legends.

we went back to their b&b [great location, by the way. only 15 min from my apt!] then tried to hit the colosseum. we did make it there, but just a wee bit too late. since they closed at 3:30, we never made it in, sadly. They also wanted to go in the inside of the pantheon, but there was a wedding going on. A WEDDING! WHO GETS MARRIED IN THE PANTHEON??!!

anyway, they will be back tomorrow, when they will be able to hit those last two sites. i'm sure they'll have enough energy after florence and barga to do it all.

becky now tired.

pope said that purple is fine. it's best to wear it if you're a winter. the cool tones look best. he said to try and not over do it though. it can be so easy with the way the world [rome] is right now. i see what he's saying. this will be continued. it kind of has to be, since it's a blog.

we're going to berlin this weekend! an old friend from high school, henning, is going to be showing us around the city. we can't wait to hang out with a real live german! the day we get back we leave to go on our northern field trip. then my crazy friends and i will be staying in milan and venice before we return to rome. this life isn't so bad. vacation from october 31- november 9.

here's my next few crazy days:

sat (oct. 31): rome > frankfurt > berlin = halloween in berlin ! meet henning at airport.
sun: concentration camp tour, holocaust monument, whatever else the germans find noteworthy.
mon: bauhaus museum! > frankfurt > spend night in airport
tues: frankfurt > rome [back for 7 hours], rome > bern overnight
wed: basel
thurs: zurich [swiss paper museum]
fri: can't remember. i'll fill you in later.
sat: end up in milan. stay night.
sun: milan > venice
mon (nov. 9): venice > rome

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