07 April 2011

this. time. is. short.

Side Note to Readers: 
Yes, yes. We all know that our time alive is limited and short blah blah. Some think about it more than others. Since moving to Texas, I've had a hard time breathing. No idea why. It's just weird. Nothing too fuss about, but it was that feeling of why-can't-I-ever-catch-this-effing-breath-that-I-so-effing-deserve. Long gasps for air. Doctor didn't know what was wrong. I just had to deal with it. Again, not the worst thing in the world; genocide, hate crimes, and broken hearts are all worse indeed.

Several weeks ago I was about to begin sobbing out of frustration of the whole matter (almost doesn't count, but it almost does). I says, "God! I just want to breath! Please help me to breath." And then, moments later I breathed the most refreshing and biggest breath of air. It was wonderful. Then I said, "God — thank you for this breath." It's been great since. Just giving credit where credit is due.


  1. When we talked at common ground you mentioned something to the effect of, sometimes things like that happen...'cause there's something better... The way you spoke right then sounded like something a Christian would say, but reworded to sound less proselytizing. I think I watched the way I worded things too, like we were playing "Christian-Chicken." Maybe the thought's a little too esoteric for a cartoon but it's been going thru my mind because I don't really converse much with strangers, and I kick myself for being apologetically Christian.

  2. P.S. this blog is awesome. you're really legit and it seems like one can easily see the artist's heart in each of these works. even the way you wrote down the URL for me could be scanned and posted on here.

  3. Thanks for the e-mail! I'll be sending one back soon. But I've just been browsing your blog, reading and looking, and this one jumped out at me. I've struggled (usually every Spring it rears its ugly head) with anxiety, mostly uncaused, but usually having to do with change in my life. That causes me to have trouble getting deep breaths, and I often feel like I'm gasping for air. I can never pinpoint when it goes away, but usually exercise, keeping yourself socially busy, and eating healthy foods helps. :) Thought I'd share in case you were still struggling!